Coupon Codes

   I have had parents ask me for a while now if there is a discount for people making large purchases of photographs. Up until now the answer has been no. When I first went on the Zenfolio service they didn't offer discounts (coupons.) They have for a while now but no one has asked about it for a long time and I forgot about it.

   I've recently been looking at the coupon structure in Zenfolio, trying to come up with a way to offer a sliding discount percentage, depending on how much the purchaser is spending. Zenfolio doesn't offer that option for a single coupon. What I have come up with is a series of coupons, set to be used if you have selected a certain value of sports digital downloads (JPEGs.) I am not offering discounts for printed photographs because the same lab charges are billed to me, no matter what I charge for prints.

   These coupons can only be used for sports photographs I've taken at games. Other photographs are normally taken for a specific price, so discounts wouldn't apply to them. Sports photographs are defined as photographs I took at a game that are offered for sale in specific galleries in Zenfolio. These galleries are located in the top-level directories of 'Big Spring High School', 'Howard College' or 'Non Big Spring Sports Teams.' The way I structured my web site is this; I have photographs organized, at the top level, by school (Big Spring High School, Howard College or all others (Non Big Spring Sports Teams)). Within these top-level folders I have folders sorted by school year (2015/2016, 2014/2015, 2013/2014, etc...) Within each year are folders for each sport (Volleyball, Football, etc..) Within each of these folders are photograph galleries, one for each game I shot. If a photograph isn't located in one of these galleries/folders it won't be discounted with these coupons. And, really, Band and Cheer are included in these folders/galleries so they qualify for these discounts as well.

   These are the coupon codes I've set up:
Coupon Code Description
DLSP-100-10 - 10% off Sports Digital Downloads of $100 or more
DLSP-200-15 - 15% off Sports Digital Downloads of $200 or more
DLSP-300-20 - 20% off Sports Digital Downloads of $300 or more
DLSP-400-25 - 25% off Sports Digital Downloads of $400 or more

   To use these coupon codes you will enter them when you are checking out, after you select the pictures you want to purchase. You enter the coupon code on the same page you enter your payment information.

   Be sure to enter the correct coupon code so you can receive the maximum discount. For example, if you have selected $325 worth of photographs, you can enter the 10%, 15% or 20% codes because you have the minimum purchase required for either of these three coupons. You wouldn't be able to use the 25% coupon because you haven't selected $400 or more. In this example be sure to enter the DLSP-300-20 coupon code to receive the maximum discount you qualify for.

   If you have any questions be sure to ask me.

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